Continental Drift 31/08/2005 - Lu 1181 fois
Un projet qui vise à mettre en relation des artistes de différentes cultures en situation de travail d'atelier.

Continental Drift

The purpose of this projet is to link artists from different cultures in a direct studio working on their own prints or collaborating on joint pieces. The exchange will begin with slide lectures for the public and studio visits between the workshop at Pyramid Atlantic. The workshop will cover four days and include both handmade paper making and monoprinting. The interaction is designed to bring diverse artists together and let them experience first hand the differences and similiarities in their respective work, both in process and product. The African artists will also be invited to give two lectures, one to the public and one to a local university. While in the Washington area the visiting artists will also be able to visit the museums and local alternative art spaces and have a show of their work.

Continental Drift hat its beginning with a cultural festival last summer that took place in Asilah, Morocco. The event included artits from the Africa, Egypt, and the United States. After a series of meetings with Amadou Thiam, director of Yassina Art Gallery in Dakar, it vas decided to continue our relationship by building an exchange with artists from west Africa and the east coast of America. This year we will have a two week art exchange to take place in October, to include artists from West Africa and a diverse group of artists from the greater Washington motropolitan area.

The African artists: Ibou Diouf (Senegal), Charlemagne d'Almeda (Benin), Augustin Kassi (Cote de Ivoire), Djiguemde Roger (Burkina Faso).

The Washington artists: Judy Byron, David Carlson, Stevens Carter, Richard Dana, Monsoora Hassan, Michael Platt, Helga Thomson.


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